Thursday, January 20, 2005

So me an George been sittin on the Ferris Wheel of Freedom for a couple days or so when I get to thinkin maybe somethin's wrong.

"Is the ride supposed to be movin?" says me.
"This is a great ride," says George. "This ride is a monument to the spirit an principles a Freeocracy."
"It's just that's it's not," says me.
"You gotta be patient with the ride," says George. "Rides don't work overnight."
"An there's all these fire trucks an rescue helicopters an people yellin 'get off the ride'," says me.
"There's always gonna be doubters an skeptics," says George. "People who hate the ride because of its freedom."
"An when we got on the Roller Coaster of Liberty it broke down too," says me.
"That's a great ride, a great ride," says George. "I know it cause I rode on it. I got instincts, see."
"In fact it looked exactly like the Ferris Wheel of Freedom," says me.
"You bought your ticket," says George. "You bought your ticket so you liked it. You know you liked the ride."
After a while I wave to one a the helicopters. George looks mad. "How you gonna ride the ride if you're tryin to get OFF the ride?" he says. I am ashamed!
"Is the ride supposed to be on fire?" says me.
"God bless this great carnival attraction," says George.
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