Sunday, December 19, 2004

Giblets craves the rich creamy taste of delicious egg nog. He dispatches his monkey to fetch it for him!

"Monkey!" says Giblets. "Bring Giblets his nog and you shall be greatly rewarded!" The monkey leaps off with the ooking and the bananaing. Giblets restrains his enthusiasm for the monkey given its previous poor work performance but there it is a few moments later with a tall cool glass of fresh nog! Yes, excellent work monkey! You are indeed a worthy servant of Giblets! Mmmm tasty EYYAACH what treachery is THIS!

"This is not egg nog!" says Giblets. "This is some foul pseudo-nog!"
"We're outta egg nog," says Fafnir. "But we have lotsa nutritious soy nog."
"Bhahe! Nog does not come from soy!" says Giblets.
"Soy is good for you," says Fafnir. "It builds strong soy glands!"

Giblets is dissatisfied.


posted by Giblets at 6:46 PM



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