Wednesday, December 22, 2004

"It sure was a long way till the end of the world," says me.
"The way was guarded by lions and chimeras and manticores and logicians and other ferocious beasts," says Giblets.
"Fortunately we are impervious to logic," says me.
"Modus ponens has no hold on Giblets!" says Giblets. "He swats antecedents like flies!"
"Do you think there are antecedents over the end of the world?" says me.
"No, there's just God and God's giant pile a God-treasure!" says Giblets. "Where God keeps all the best crap to himself cause why else would he be God?"
"I think there's a Lost World of rodeo clowns an Wired articles an corporate paradigm shifts an discarded animatronic dinosaurs," says me. "They have survived the great extinction and have moved to an ancient valley where they coexist in peace."
"Pure fantasy!" says Giblets. "An when we get to God Giblets will not have to battle God and his vast legions of unstoppable God-ninjas to seize his God-treasure, God will just say 'Oh Giblets you are so transcendently Gibletsy I must give you all my God-stuff and total control of Godlandia'."
"Maybe over the end of the world there's another side of the world, where everybody walks upside-down and backwards an fight peace and live through wars and whose wilds are roamed by dangerously tame inside-out animals who have never known we exist," says me.
"That would be terrible," says Giblets. "We'd haveta wipe em out."
"Maybe there's nothin on the other side a the end a the world," says me. "Maybe when you go over the edge nothin happens."
"That's crazy talk!" says Giblets. "There are the celestial spheres! And the turtles! And things! Giblets has a priori knowledge of the turtles!"
"Maybe it's just the turtles," says me.
"But when boats go over the edge they don't come back," says Giblets. "That means they've gotta go somewhere!"
"Maybe they just keep fallin," says me.
We stare over the edge for a bit. Giblets kicks a pebble off.
"Well, at least there'll be turtles," says me.
"Turtles, nothing!" says Giblets. "There will be victory!"
And off we go!


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