Sunday, November 21, 2004

"Alms for Giblets!" says Giblets ringin his bell. "Alms for Giblets NOOOOOOW!"
"I don't think it's workin Giblets," says me. "Maybe we need a bigger bell."
"It's the competition from that damnable Santa!" says Giblets. "He is so terrifyingly fat and jolly! How is Giblets to compete?"
"Don't be silly Giblets that isn't Santa," says me. "That's just one a Santa's
helpers. They have the same markings as Santa in order to confuse predators."
"Stupid Santas with their stupid natural camouflage!" says Giblets. "Now we will never know which ones are poisonous!"
"It's OK," says me. "We shouldn't be eatin Santas anyway, they are too high in cholesterol."
"We should eat Chris," says Giblets. "It's what he would have wanted."
"Giblets I am ashamed of you!" says me. "We should show respect for the memory of our friend Chris especially while he is still alive."
"Alive and jobless!" says Giblets. "Jobless Chris cannot feed a hungry Giblets. But Barbecued Chris can provide food for weeks!"
"We still have ramen an oatmeal packets," says me. "Those are kinda like food."
"Nuts to your oatmeal ramen!" says Giblets. "And how will we pay the landlord man when he comes to kick us out?"
"We could sit real still an pretend to be furniture," says me.
"We could never pass as furniture! We are too resplendent!" says Giblets. "We must leap on the landlord when he comes in and devour him!"
"All this eatin people," says me. "I was hopin I wouldn't haveta resort to cannibalism til later in life."
"It is just one of the many hardships we face here at Fafblog," says Giblets. "Now pass me some a that repo man."
posted by fafnir at 8:44 PM



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