Friday, November 19, 2004

Giblets is outraged, OUTRAGED, OUTRAGED!

Mount Asuma in Japan erupted last week and Giblets has not seen one liberal blog denounce this lava-spewing menace! Giblets has searched Atrios but it is bare of volcano-denunciations - bare, I say! Is Atrios objectively pro-volcano? Matthew Yglesias has not only not denounced volcanoes, he does not even mention "volcano" anywhere on his blog! This is where leftist moral relativism has brought us to - sympathy with volcanoes! What's the matter, Yglesias? A little moral clarity on magma not "PC" enough for you? And Gary Farber! Gary Farber has not denounced ANYTHING in weeks!

Death and evil and Muslims and a bug in my room and the last moldy slice of pizza and where oh where is the moral courage of the left! Someone denounce something OR GIBLETS WILL EXPLODE!
posted by Giblets at 1:45 PM



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