Friday, November 19, 2004

Giblets is thirsty for vengeance, and seeks to slake that thirst upon his foes! All shall be crushed under the might of Giblets! Their brains will dance before Giblets, enslaved to his will!

Giblets summons his monkey! "Monkey!" says Giblets. "Arm yourself with your monkeysword and monkeyhelmet! Go forth and crush the foes of Giblets!" The monkey jumps up making obedient monkey noises and he is off! Excellent work monkey! You will be well rewarded once Giblets's foes' brains dance before his mighty throne!

Coupla hours later, no foes' brains. Confound that monkey!

"Couldn't find any foes," says Fafnir playin video games with the monkey.
"But! Gha! But it's! Bhehe!" says Giblets. "It's my foes!"
"We found Foby's Pizza," says Fafnir eatin pizza. "They got great pizza."
"Giblets wants no pizza!" says Giblets. "Giblets wants his foes! 'S brains!"
"We asked around," says Fafnir. "You sure you got foes?"
"Ghahah!" says Giblets. "Giblets once vowed the death of NPR's Cory Flintoff! I threw a potato at his cab once!"
"We also got garlic stix," says Fafnir.
"Giblets hates garlic stix," says Giblets.

Giblets is dissatisfied.


posted by Giblets at 7:33 PM



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