Wednesday, November 3, 2004

There are rows an rows a tv screens here in the wasteland an all of em say things like:

In fronta the tv screens Lester Holt tells me about Defining Marriage. “Eleven States voted to Define Marriage tonight,” says Lester Holt, “and they have Defined it as a slow-moving, thick-skulled poison-spitting reptile that hates queers. America has spoken.”

There's a five-hundred-foot tall inflatable rubber president balloon filled with hydrogen an mustard gas floatin overhead. “Leadership! Marriage! Moral values!” says the Inflatable President. “Gonna smoke those gays outta their holes! America’s safer when lesbians can run but they can’t hide!” It must be true. Look at all those electronic ballots!

There's millions of us stuck out here in the wasteland but we're followin the Inflatable President cause he'll know how to get us out! "Stay the course! Resolve! Leadership!" says the Inflatable President. The wind blows it into a cliff, tears open its leg, an sprays poison gas all over the crowd. "Strong leader! Turnin that corner!" says the Inflatable President. The crowd goes wild!

Someday we'll get outta this place, into a place that is presumably better than this place. An when we do it'll be because we kept on followin the Inflatable President! He bursts into flames an sets one hundred thousand Iraqis on fire. The applause is deafening!
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