Thursday, November 18, 2004

Giblets is lyin on the kitchen floor all stuffed fulla God. "Geeeehh," says Giblets. "Too much Mary."
"Giblets I am disappointed at you," says me. "Have you been bingin on edible holy relics again?"
"Giblets cannot help it!" says Giblets. "The Mary grilled cheese was too tasty, too full of melted mediatrixy deliciousness!"
"You know better than to eat strange religious icons Giblets," says me. "You don't know where the Virgin Mary has been. She coulda been on somebody's window or a fencepost or in a buncha prayers."
"Prayers that are now in Giblets!" says Giblets. "Giblets courses with the power of piety!"
"That is way more than your Recommended Daily Allowance of prayer," says me. "An how is that gonna go with the Jesus taco you just had, an the Buddha double cheeseburger an the Moses meatloaf?"
"Moses was not a meatloaf!" says Giblets. "Moses was a giant talking cucumber who rescued his people from slavery to the evil broccoli Pharaoh!"
"That's very true," says me. "VeggieTales died for our sins."
"Which is why we have to eat them," says Giblets. "So they won't go to waste."
"If we eat enough Godfood, will we become like God?" says me.
"Yes!" says Giblets. "Or quivering mounds of poisoned flesh, if we get the Allah tuna melt! That's holy and chock-full of neurotoxins!"
"I'm sold!" says me.
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