Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Medium Lobster has enjoyed his recent hiatus in planes of existence too vast and impenetrable for you to comprehend, resting from his work in spreading higher knowledge. Alas, his work calls to him once more, as the teeming masses of the unenlightened cry out once again for illumination.

Take Kevin Drum and Ezra Klein, who fail to grasp the importance of the House's new plan to allow senior-level officials to hide any personal assets valued at more than $2.5 million as part of the 9/11 Recommendations Implementation Act. To the unenlightened, this might seem to be a shameless attempt to grease the palms of corrupt politicos under the guise of protecting the country from terror. But to those with true vision, it becomes obvious that this serves a vital national security interest.

Between the newly-commenced purge of the CIA and the filling of the Departments of State and Justice with Bush loyalists, large sectors of the federal government will soon be coming under the firm grip of the White House. So much so, in fact, that whole departments and agencies are expected to be recognized as the sole property of single individuals. George Bush owns the deed to the CIA. Donald Rumsfeld has mounted the head of the State Department on the wall of his den. And the Medium Lobster understands that Dick Cheney was last seen stuffing the National Security Council down his pants at a late-night Sit Room kegger.

Do we really want to make it that much easier for terrorists to cripple the American government by selectively targeting those individuals who control it with complete and utter impunity? Or worse, allow those powers to fall into the wrong hands, if for example Scooter Libby is mugged and his assailant runs off with the Justice Department? A vision too terrible to contemplate. If America is to remain secure, its leaders' assets must remain secure - indeed, hidden - and that includes the levers of power they now clutch in a death grip.
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