Tuesday, October 26, 2004

In one week... in a mere seven days... a tidal wave will sweep this nation. A tidal wave of victory. A tidal wave of victory called Giblets.

"I'm not so sure you're gonna win Giblets," says Fafnir who doubts the word an glory of Giblets.
"The Gallup poll does not lie!" says me, Giblets. "Giblets leads by 82% in Florida alone!"
"I'm kinda suspicious of that Gallup poll Giblets," says Fafnir. "I think it has seriously oversampled Giblets. In the poll 82% of likely voters were Giblets, whereas in 2000 exit polls indicated that less than 1% of voters were actually Giblets."
"Away from Giblets with your lying anti-Giblets lies!" says Giblets.

Already Giblets is festooned in his royal garb and ready to take his seat upon the throne of power in the Oval Office, which will give him complete control over America. Already he is prepared to ask in triumph! "That is not royal garb," says Fafnir. "That is the cheese dip." Insolent Fafnir you will never understand!

But you understand, loyal Gibletsians. You understand the crushing tide that is Giblets. But the question remains: have you done enough for Giblets? Have you done your share for Giblets yet?

  • Do you have a flag-colored Giblets lawn idol? Do you burn incense to it daily?
  • Have you called up random people in the phone book shouting "Voooote for Giblets! Vote for Giblets NOOOOOOOW!" Did they hang up on you? How many times did you call them back? Did you go to their houses and throw rocks?
  • Have you clubbed random passers-by and dragged them to polling sites with strict instructions to vote for Giblets? Did you prime the exploding radio collars around their necks and assure them that insubordination and escape were impossible?
  • Have you threatened and beaten up non-Giblets voters? Have you registered non-existent Giblets voters in swing states?

    You have? Then do it some more! You haven't? Then go go go! Go or be blotted out as abominable in mine sight! Go for victory. For Freedom™. For Giblets.
  • posted by Giblets at 9:27 PM



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