Saturday, October 30, 2004

"Is the revolution over?" says me. "The people are gettin tired of it."
"Nuts to the people!" says Giblets. "They are counter-revolutionaries! They are fifth-columnists! They do not 'get' the revolution!"
"The revolution is tough to get," says me. "It's a pretty avant-garde revolution."
"Very true," says Giblets. "All the more reason why it can only be run by us!"
"We haven't done such a bad job," says me. "Like everybody's always complainin about Central Food Rationing. But if we didn't do food rationin how else could we make people eat an eagle a day?"
"The central tenet of the revolution is freedom!" says Giblets. "A whole eagle is like 100% of your recommended daily allowance of freedom right there!"
"An yknow cases of eagle-poisoning dropped a whole lot once we ran outta eagle!" says me.
"There ya go!" says Giblets. "To say nothin of the great strength we showed in Operation Great Wall of Strength! Lesser revolutionaries would have defended the revolution by leavin the army at home. But we declared war on every country in the world before they could even decide they didn't like us!"
"My only complaint with that is that we didn't get enough allies on our side," says me. "If we had it to do over again I think we shoulda gotten a bigger coalition of other countries to invade themselves."
"An there's the Glorious Worker Initiative!" says Giblets. "Where we replaced all bourgeois factory management with glorious elephants to bring glory to common worker!"
"An the workers that got trampled were the most gloriously trampled workers ever," says me.
"Or the army of dancin robot apemen!" says Giblets. "That was just cool."
"It may have cost three trillion dollars but it's three trillion dollars worth a cool," says me.
"History will exhonerate us," says Giblets. "It will look upon our works an say, 'we don't care about your works; it's the thought that counts'."
"So is the revolution over?" says me.
"Never!" says Giblets. "It goes on an on an on like a snake swallowin its own tail!"
"If a snake swallows its own tail won't it run outta snake?" says me.
"No, never!" says Giblets. "The snake is just that big!"
"Big an hungry an cannibalistic," says me. "Like the revolution!"
"An the revolution lives on," says me. "It lives on in our hearts."
"We should get that looked at," says Giblets pokin his chest.
"It could be indigestion," says me.
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