Tuesday, September 14, 2004

I'm sittin at the bus stop waitin for the bus on my way to collectin my prize which I may have already won! Isn't this excitin? Is it a moose? Is it a blender? Is it a gorilla? Is it a bronze bust of Louis XIV? Is it a lifetime supply of sourdough bread? I am really lookin forward to my prize!

Also at the bus stop is an ol lady an a dog an a man bein attacked by a bigofoot an a can a soup. I wonder where the can a soup came from! Is it somebody else's prize? What kinda soup is it? If I push it over a little I could see the label better but I do not want to push my boundaries because it could belong to the ol lady or the dog or the man bein attacked by the bigfoot or the can a soup.

What if when I get there they give me a choice between two different prizes like between a moose an a gorilla? That could be too difficult how could I choose! Maybe I could get em to give me one a those new moorillas which would be not quite as good as a moose or a gorilla but would have a little bit a both. Maybe it will be a chess set. Maybe it will be a box of delicious Life cereal which is my favorite cereal! I have brought a carton of milk just in case.

"Down boy," I says to the dog. "Help!" says the man bein attacked by the bigfoot. Some people just do not know how to responsibly handle their prize.
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