Tuesday, August 24, 2004

"Do you think the world's gonna end?" says me.
"It has to," says Giblets. "Or else the scene'll get dull, man."
"It has to to achieve closure," says me.
"It has to or else Giblets will be damn pissed!" says Giblets. "Giblets wants death-comets! Giblets wants his plague of frogs!"
"Do you think Jesus'll come back?" says me.
"Not without a ton of funding," says Giblets.
"That's true," says me. "The budget for the Jesus Apocalypse is pretty huge."
"The special effects alone," says Giblets. "And Jesus doesn't come cheap either."
"What about a natural disaster?" says me. "Like climate change or flyin saucers?"
"Bah!" says Giblets. "Climate change is an urban myth like bigfoot and the CIA and the Irish!"
"Could bigfoot end the world?" says me.
"Nah, his foot's too big," says Giblets.
"What if we run outta oil cause theres only so much oil an we all keep usin oil an the world jus stops cause it all runs on oil?" says me.
"We will never run out of oil!" says Giblets drinkin oil.
"Giblets that is what you said about runnin out of dodos," says me.
"There are still some out there!" says Giblets. "Come back to Giblets little dodos! Giblets misses you so!"
"What if the sun explodes?" says me.
"Then we will escape the sun on mighty space arks and spread the seed of our glorious species throughout the galaxy!" says Giblets.
"What if the galaxy explodes?" says me.
"Then we will evolve into giant cosmic luminous New Age Space Whales and fly through the universe devouring all who oppose us!" says Giblets.
"What if the universe explodes?" says me.
"Then who cares about the universe anyway Giblets has always hated it it smells like space-smell!" says Giblets.
"What if the world ends an we miss it?" says me. "What if we're walkin around one day goin 'Wow this is such a neat world' an then all of a sudden it's gone an we didn't notice it goin?"
"That would never happen!" says Giblets. "It is too lame and anticlimactic!"
"I don't want the world to end," says me. "I like the world."
"Well you can't keep hangin onto the universe forever," says Giblets. "It's all part a growin up."
"But Giblets!" says me. "We are faced with an eschatological dilemma! If the world ends don't we end too?"
"Never!" says Giblets. "The world may be temporal but Fafnir and Giblets are forever!"
"Yes!" says me. "We defy all ends! An middles an beginnings for good measure!"
"We defy linearity!" says Giblets. "We are of the internet and embrace its heady disjointed bosom!"
"We are hypertextual dispensationalists!" says me. "The endtimes cannot touch us!"
"But what will we do after the world ends?" says Giblets.
"Dunno," says me. "We got that ol Yahtzee set."
"And Risk, the game of world domination," says Giblets.
"And Fafblog," says me.
"And Fafblog," says Giblets. "Even after the end of the age."


posted by fafnir at 6:31 PM

Speaking of giant cosmic luminous New Age Space Whales ... devouring all

yesterday I was watching tv show about snakes (not a new one - it was on a PBS station and narrated by Richard Attenborough) and it showed a python swallowing a springbok, with a computer animation illustrating how the snake not only dislocates its jaw, but splits the halves of both the upper and lower jaws, which are held together by flexible ligaments

what a wonderful world
by Anonymous Anonymous, at November 27, 2010 11:26 AM


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