Monday, July 5, 2004

Well there are tons a rumors flyin an it seems like John Kerry's gonna announce his Vice President pick tomorrow. Wow! Who can Kerry find to spice up his already excitin ticket? Will it be political rockstar Dick Gephardt? Beloved bathroom chronicler Bob Graham? Some guy named Vilsack?

"Who do you think it is gonna be, sausage?" says me. The sausage is oddly taciturn.

I have a lot of sausages in the living room. I liberated them yesterday in an act of celebratory sausage independence. I believe sausage has the right to live a full and healthy life as much as anyone else but I gotta say these guys are some pretty borin sausages.

There are some who say it is either gonna be Dick Gephardt or John Edwards. Yknow I can see this would be a pretty tricky decision. John Edwards gives you that youthful dynamic energy while Dick Gephardt gives you that youthful dynamic energy in the form of an old beaten rundown party machine crushed under the weight of its own obsolescence. So you gotta weigh the pros and cons for a while.
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