Tuesday, July 6, 2004

So I guess it's gonna be John Edwards. I like John Edwards, I mean hes got real pretty eyes an all but personally I am a little disappointed because I was holdin out hope for a unity ticket. I know I know you are all sayin "oh fafnir that was such a long shot" but still I think that if you combine Kerry with a guy like that who has that kinda defense an bipartisan credibility I think you would make for a really great team. It is just a shame that Batman didnt go for it.

A Kerry-Batman ticket would be sure to win everybody but hardcore social conservatives and superstitious and cowardly lots. Batman brings his tough-on-crime stance a lot of bipartisan credentials and a surprisingly strong Latino support, plus he has some innovative ideas on tort reform. With his years of opposition to the evil Ra's al Ghul Batman has a lot of counterterrorism experience, plus his tenure with the Justice League makes him an ideal internationalist. Now I know the big drawbacks to Batman are always (1) he is a big Republican (2) he is kind of a crazy hawk an (3) he doesnt exist but I really think Kerry coulda made it work if he threw him somethin in the platform like extra funding for security in Arkham Asylum which we totally need anyway, what is up with that place the Joker escapes like once a month.
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