Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Wow what a crazy day at the convention it was yesterday! I am sorry I missed bloggin but I was too busy doin important thins like goin to parties an stuffin miniature quiches into duffel bags for later use.* I also saw Michael Moore dancin in a fountain surrounded by Fox News crews an former Green party members shoutin "I am a golden god!" It was all cool.

But the most important thing ever to happen ever in this convention or in the news in general is Barack Obama who spoke last night an who is just some state senator right now but who is gonna be senator an president an space pope some day an I will vote for him over an over an over again because he speaks so so good an even though I dont know who he is or what his policies are or what he wants to do I am sure he is the biggest thing to happen to anyone since God at least! An even though I do not remember exactly what he said I think it was about unity an goodness an the beauty of beautiness an how America is made of candy an how we will triumph over adversity even though bad non-candy-comprised people may try to stop us because of HOOOORAAAAAAY! An then he ascended into the skies.

More of hard-hittin convention Fafbloggin later in the day.

*dont be like that I am plannin on lettin them grow an breed in the wild to become hybrid super quiches.
posted by fafnir at 10:53 AM



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