Monday, July 26, 2004

"Wow that sure was some crazy series of wild adventures we had while we were on break these last thirteen days wasn't it Giblets!" says me sittin on the bus to Giblets.
"Unnngh," says Giblets. "Giblets should never have eaten those twenty-seven cans of raw tuna."
"An now here we are on our way to the Democratic National Convention as accredited bloggers!" says me. "We are at the forefront of the New Media Cutting-Edge Media Thing Media Giblets!"
"Giblets feels green an scaly," says Giblets. "Sickly oils swirl about him in sinister hues. I am bloated to the gills with omega-3 fatty acids! To the gills I say!"
"An important non-bloggy people like Tim Russert an Sam Donaldson an Jesus will be there goin 'Fafnir tell us about the internet an how you write on the internet an how it is all different on the internet an how you are made of the internet' an it will be all so interestin," says me.
"Giblets wants to sleep," Giblets says. "But bloated an sickly as he is, he is vulnerable to his enemies. His soft underbelly is exposed to the likes of the French an the Pope an large cats."
"An of course there will be the cocktail weenies," says me.
"We must be wary," says Giblets.
"Yes," says me. "The cocktail weenies are not to be trusted."

The bus passes a very large fiberglass Big Boy an there is Boston ahead.
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