Thursday, July 29, 2004

Well here we are live speech bloggin again. Just like last time I will talk in regular talk an Giblets will talk in italics talk.

Wow what a reception with the clappin. First of all what do you think of the music Giblets? I know it goes with the Vietnam theme but is "Holiday in Cambodia" inappropriate?

No Fafnir "Holiday in Cambodia" is not inappropriate. It is approriate cause it rocks.

Also you will recall that a number of people suggested Kerry make reference to Ronald Reagan in this speech an this is the first allusion. Remember that in 1980 Reagan walked out to the Dead Kennedy's "Kill the Poor."

Very true Giblets very true. Now I like this autobiographical stuff about goin over to East Germany on his bike an attackin the Nazis with it as a kid.

Yeah it's a little slice of life you dont get that often.

"We have it in our power to change the world but only if we hold true to our ideals." That is an excellent phrase. An excellent powerful beautiful phrase.

Especially when he finishes it with "with thousands of mighty robots." Plus it illuminates a lotta his foreign policy which a lot of voters have been waitin for.

Yes I am glad to see him get into the nitty-gritty of things. The mighty robots initiative seems like an amazin plan an I have no idea why nobody even thought of it before! They should be able to take care of terror AND supply universal health coverage all at once!

He's talkin about "I know what its like to walk around with an M-16 etc." I dont get it, is Kerry a big NRA freak or a gun collector or something?

No he was in Vietnam.

Really? Wow. Giblets had no idea. You'd think theyd play that up more.

What do you think about the "values" stuff here? I think maybe havin Kerry dress up as Moses an hand down a copy of the Social Security Act on tablets hewn from the livin rock was a fine balancin act. With somebody else it mighta been too much.

Giblets doesnt wanna hear any crap about "honoring my father an my mother." Giblets's father an mother are annoying. "Giblets why dont you settle down with a nice Christian girl blah blah blah." "Giblets why arent you Resplendent Lord of All yet blah blah blah." Well shut up mom and dad, Giblets is goin through a transitional period!

Dont your parents live in Canada?

Yeah, see they dont count anyway.

I thought his foreign policy and counterterrorism section here is very strikin.

And such detail!

Whaddaya think about the explosives an the smoke machine at the end when Kerry ascends up from the platform? Plus or minus?

Plus man. Big big plus. Face it, he's a rockstar.
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