Wednesday, July 28, 2004

You still fail to please Giblets, Democratic National Convention! Allow Giblets to enumerate the ways in which you have failed Giblets - and all of America by proxy!

  • Hiding the "true face" of the Democratic Party! Oh sure the Democrats like to pretend they are all nice and sweet and moderate but inside they are all psychopathic Bush-hating socialist omnisexual reptiloids who hate Bush. Why is the party hiding its psychopathic Bush-hating socialist omnisexual reptiloids from the public? Why is it dressin them up an makin them talk like for example Bill Clinton or Barack Obama? Because it is runnin away from its psychopathic Bush-hating socialist omnisexual reptiloid identity that is why! Giblets finds you shameful and cowardly Democratic Party!
  • Class warfare! Tonight Giblets will have to listen to John Edwards talk about "oh blah blah super-rich people get all these benefits an poor people get pooped on." Well excuse me John Edwards! Isn't it bad enough that the top 5% wealthiest people in this country, who control over 60% of America's wealth, would have to pay 50% of the income tax if their accountants didn't find dozens of tax loopholes to prevent them from doing so? Giblets thinks we have enough Marxist redistribution of wealth as it is without your angry class warfare.
  • Revealing the "true face" of the Democratic Party! Giblets was deeply offended by the psychopathic Bush-hating socialism comin out of Al Sharpton tonight! Sure this is the loathsome face of the Democratic Party, but does Giblets really have to see it?
  • No love for Giblets! All the other bloggers here I think are gettin invited to better parties than Giblets! I saw that TalkLeft guy headin to some party with supermodels or naked presidents or naked supermodel presidents. Damn you TalkLeft guy! Giblets is stuck here talkin to Robert Novak an all he can do is make gargling sounds with his venom sacs. "Ggllgglgl," says Novak. Shut the hell up Novak you annoy Giblets!
  • posted by Giblets at 7:36 PM



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