Saturday, June 12, 2004

"Should we put Reagan on the ten-dollar bill?" I says to Giblets. "We'd have to bump Alexander Hamilton."
"I don't know why we don't put Aaron Burr on there," says Giblets. "He won the duel."
"Jim Henley says we should put Ray Charles on it," I says.
"Harrumph to Jim Henley," says Giblets. "I had my way we'd have Miles on our money. That way the back of the one-dollar bill could be the cover to Bitches Brew. Which would be bitchin'."
"I dunno," I says. "I prefer his earlier pre-fusion sound such as Round About Midnight and Birth of the Cool."
"That is because you are lame and stupid and bad!" says Giblets. "You have no real love for the soul of jazz, just for bits of music that you like! You did not feel it come alive in the 70s!"
"Neither of us were alive in the 70s," I says.
"You are oppressing Giblets with your rigid temporalist structures!" says Giblets.
"See this always happens Giblets," I says. "Every time we discuss the US treasury we get into fights about jazz and temporalist structures."
"Giblets is going to run away and form his own blog!" says Giblets "And it is going to be a grand celebration of 70s jazz and Giblets and proto-funk and Giblets and stickin' it to the man and Giblets is going to call it 'Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Blog'!"
"I feel like soup right now," I says. "I'm going to make some soup."
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