Friday, June 25, 2004

one nation under pieThis is a good pie. This is a proud and free pie. This is a representative democracy pie. In its crust is baked the sugar of civil liberty and the flour of equal justice for all. It is America's pie.

What does it taste like? It tastes like freedom. What is in its filling? A land of opportunity, manifest destiny and righteous moral whatsis. How should you eat it? With ice cream!

There are some people who say it is an apple pie, homebaked by beaming housewives and smiling hardworking legal immigrants and up-from-the-bootstraps entrepreneurs and cigar-smokin CEOs and lobbyists representing the coal and arms manufacturing industries, and it is good and wholesome and pure and do not touch it you will soil the pie with your horrible pie-staining fingers! There are others who say no way man, it is a big messy potluck pie, it has got mixed fruit and vegetables an tomatoes an onions an some meat an gravy an somebody baked some weed in there an pretty much everythin you can think of and boy it is a weird screwy messed-up pie but we like it anyway, and it was baked by organic farmers and high-minded crusadin civil rights attorneys an People for the Ethical Treatment of Pies an monks who are pepetually on fire somehow an quit oppressin us with your hierarchical structures! All of them want the pie for their own but all of them do love the pie, regardless of their many many differences.

What I am trying to say is Americans are fat. Thank you and goodnight.


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