Friday, June 25, 2004

Flee from Giblets, Fahrenheit 9/11! Flee from Giblets, NOW!

The film: Nazi propaganda! The message: insolent lies! The filmmaker: not thin! All of these and more are true and will continue to be true UNTIL THE END OF TIME! They are so true they have seeped into the Collective Unconsciousness which is where Giblets became aware of this evil insolent Nazi propaganda film hell-beast from hell. So true Giblets did not actually have to see the movie itself in order to review it!

Giblets will now recount to you the lies of Michael Moore!

  • "Oh, I am Michael Moore! George Bush drinks three gallons of babies' blood a day!" [Completely untrue - George Bush, according to the 9/11 Commission, drank no more than six pints of babies' blood the day of the 9/11 attacks]
  • "Oh, blah blah blah! George Bush sold his wife and daughters to a syphilitic drug dealer for three ounces of coke!" [Groundless speculation, as the only photographs to back this up clearly show George Bush with a pound of heroin]
  • "Oh, I am Michael Moore! I am fat and stupid!" [Not actually a lie, actually a surprisingly revealing and candid truth]
  • "CEOs are all Satanists! Oh, I am fat like a buffalo!" [A clever half-truth designed to fool audiences. In reality the percentage of CEOs which belong to the Church of Satan is not much higher than the percentage of ordinary Americans]

    Such hideous lies! Stand exposed, Michael Moore! Stand exposed for the hideous liar you are! Stand exposed by Giblets!


  • posted by Giblets at 5:17 PM



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