Monday, March 8, 2004

Kevin Drum, cheesedog entrepreneur and Calpundit pundit, is now beocming a professional blogger for The Washington Monthly. Hooray, Kevin Drum! I remember when you were just a little guy sellin cheesedogs and I said "Hey there Kevin Drum how bout you start typin stuff in this here 'introweb' thing because y'know it's real big" and he said "No sir I think I'll stick to m'cheesedogs, m'hmm" and I said "No, it's real easy, lemme show you how" and he said "Nope, cheesedogs" and I said "Really, no, blogging, it's" and this kept up for about the next eleven years but then he took off and became really great. His soon to be commercial success brings a tear of pride to my eye.

I was once offered to be the professionally-paid blogger of Beef Magazine Online but I turned it down because I wanted to stay "indie."
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