Wednesday, February 4, 2004

Freedom is a beautiful thing. Almost as beautiful as Glofish. I just spent several hypnotizin hours staring at my little glowing fish. They bring a tear to my eye because it is times like this that I remember that not everyone in this great country of ours can partake in the miracle of Glofish. In California they are banned by an oppressive regime. But here in the free world we are free to appreciate the beauty of nature. Glowing, genetically-modified nature.

But ALL THIS MIGHT COME TO AN END! As the whiney anti-glofish lobby grows, more and more people want to stop all Americans from enjoying the wondrous beauty of Glofish. A lawsuit has been filed to halt all sales of Glofish until the Food and Drug Administration regulates them.

This is a travesty of everything! I say to lawmakers and regulators everywhere - please, please, PLEASE do not take away my Glofish! They are so beautiful and glowing. And I say to those filing this suit - what is wrong with you! Are you evil or stupid or something? Why are you picking on my poor little fish?

I am sorry. That outburst was unlike me I know. But I am empassioned when it comes to Glofish. I cannot help it.

America desperately needs the Glofish! They are FISH THAT GLOW. I cannot stress this strongly enough. Please write your congressman or senator today and demand legal protection for Glofish!

P.S. I know the lawsuit link is kinda old news. I have been bad about sticking with this story I know. So Fafnir is not the most up to date source for Glofish news. But he is certainly the most empassioned.
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