Thursday, February 12, 2004

  • JOHN KERRY: Ooo, I'm a war hero! Ooo, I'm a senator! Ooo, my face looks like a tarp! Stupid John Kerry.

  • GEORGE BUSH: "I'm a war president, I'm a war president!" That's great George, so either start another war to entertain Giblets or get a real job! Oh that's right - we're out of jobs... stupid!

  • MATT DRUDGE: All day long he tells me that Hillary Clinton is having sex with John Kerry's botox injections in gay nightclubs in a plan to conquer America. And then it is on the news. FUCK OFF MATT DRUDGE.

  • THE STATE OF WISCONSIN: Its state fish is the Muskellunge. What a stupid fish for a state fish! Its state fossil is the trilobite. How original. Stupid Wisconsin.

  • THE POPE: Why aren't you dead yet, you old Pope!

  • GOD: You think you're so big, God? Come on down and have a piece of Giblets! Come on! Y'wanna piece a Giblets, Yahweh? Y'wanna piece a Giblets?
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    posted by Giblets at 11:33 AM



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