Thursday, February 5, 2004

I am currently bloggin from the hospital where a doctor is tellin me that my good friend Chris will need to have his stomach pumped. Oh no! Poor Chris. Does this mean my arsenic experiment was wrong? It is so hard to tell because without a proper control group for all I know he could have been made sick by bad cocoa.

There is only one way to tell scientifically and that is to eat arsenic again, only Giblets will not go along with it.

"You are crazy," says Giblets.
"C'moooooon," says me.
"Crazy," says Giblets.
"For sciiiiieeeeence," says me.
"I'm goin," says Giblets.
"Please," says me.

It looks like we may never know the answers to this troubling riddle. Oh well.
posted by fafnir at 9:41 PM



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