Tuesday, February 3, 2004

So by now many readers have been sayin "So Fafnir why in your astute superbowl commentary did you not mention the explosive and controversial exposure of Janet Jackson's breast." I must confess I missed a great deal of the superbowl thanks to an incident involving Fafnir's Special Firey Salsa, which was on fire. I maintain that this is necessary to give it the proper bite.

"Put it out with the guacamole," said Giblets.
"No no," said me. "The cheesedogs, the cheesedogs."

Sigh. In the end the house burned down. We are homeless now.

I have been forgetting so many things lately. Just this morning the Medium Lobster told me that instead of sending him that packet of ricin he wanted I sent him a letter demanding more congressional action on jellyfish farming. Huh! What did I send Bill Frist then? Anyway. Time for more chips!
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