Monday, December 22, 2003

Blogger has been givin us problems. Stupid Blogger, let Fafblog post! Let us breathe and be free! We want to be free Blogger! Cant you let us be free!

Blogger is an evil tyrant, like Saddam Hussein, who is STILL CAPTURED (Day 9, Condition Puce). An evil, mixed-up, crazy tyrant. And yet I love it too because I need it. It's like that song by Frank Sinatra where he's singin about women, about how they're kinda evil and they're kinda crazy and all their loony-jazzy-jow-wow-wow, but he likes em cause of their fantastical breasts. Blogger is a lot like that for me.

Come back to me Blogger baby. Come back and Fafnir will sing your song.
posted by fafnir at 11:23 AM



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