Tuesday, December 9, 2003

So a lot of people been askin "Fafnir when are you with all of your NASA experience and moon expertise gonna comment about the president's plan to go back to the moon?" And of course you are right, if there is anyone who needs to talk about this issue it is Fafnir. I can still remember landin on the moon with fellow astronauts Buzz Aldrin and William Shatner. Those were great days.

But what will a new moon landin bring us you ask? Or rather you ask "Fafnir gimme ice cream I want ice cream it is so delicious waaaah!" because you have a short attention span and because ice cream IS delicious. I say quiet you! and listen to me talk about the moon.

Some are sayin "why go back to the moon Fafnir it is old and cold and borin" well that's where you're wrong mister. I am glad that the president is showing the initiative to go back to the moon and to establish ties of friendship with the Moonanians with whom America has always had a rocky past. There is so much we can learn from their strange yet beautiful culture. When the Moon Embassy opens its doors in Washington you can bet Fafnir will be the first one there, eatin ice cream with Buzz Aldrin and William Shatner.

For more on this, stay tuned for my full moon interview with George W. Bush, who is the president. I have been keepin him waitin while I eat my ice cream. It is so delicious.
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