Wednesday, April 2, 2003

So some of you been asing "Hey Fafnir where were you these last couple days?" Well people, I was being a Respectable Journalist by flyin to Kuwait to report on the War in Iraq. Thats right I am now a war reporter.

Perhaps you saw me on CNN's "Wolf Blitzer Reports" on Monday. I was on the air for a full hour talkin with Wolf Blitzer. I can say with all honesty that Wolf has a very nice beard, it is stylish and very kempt. Some people with beards, they look like they grow beards cause they don't care bout shaving. The beard hangs out all long and sad and gets food stuck in it. That is a sad beard. That is a beard nobody loves. Wolf Blitzer loves his beard and he should too. It is a fine beard. It is a ladykillin beard if I say so myself.

On account of the press restrictions we couldn't talk much specifically about the war, so for an hour we talked about how much sand we thought there was in Iraq an what would happen if you poured a giant bucket of water all over the sand and could you live in a house made of sand like the eskimos live in igloos? You think you can do that Wolf? Wolf wasn't sure.

We also talked at length about my recipe for hot cross buns which are quite delicious. Wolf had some as did retired General Wesley Clark who then commented on the military and strategic significance of my hot cross buns. Evidently they are quite significant, who knew! The people of Kuwait loves the hot cross buns so much that Fafnir's Hot Cross Buns are now authentic Kuwaiti cuisine eaten throughout the land.

Giblets came with me to Kuwait too, but he spent most of the time throwing things at people and yelling "MY Kuwait! MINE! DANCE FOR ME!" and did not endear himself to the nation.

Next week I hope to interview Kim Jong Il.
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