Sunday, September 11, 2011

never mind the stars and stripes


  1. I prefer Rufus Wainwright

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  3. And a happy nineelevenmas to you too, Fafnir.

  4. Whereas I am in love with the USA. It's just that they moved, and the phone number they gave me at the bar doesn't work....

  5. I was in love with USA, too. It swore it would respect me in the morning... pay back every cent it took from me -- so I let it do things to me that had never been done before. It promised to call me later... but I never heard from it again.

    Occasionally, I think I see USA -- fleetingly, on the street; or just a flash on the teevee. Or a song, half-heard, drifting out of a window. But I'm never sure. USA broke my heart.

    And I know I'll always wonder: Does it ever think about me? Were there nights, booze-sodden and regretful, when it picked up the iPhone and almost texted me? does it ever Google me under Images, just to find my picture?

    Finally... it's been years; I've always blamed myself -- but I'm going to Unfriend it. Yeah; any day now.

  6. Wow.

    The deleted comment was mine. I misspelled "nineelevenmas." My bad.


    I'm talking to the commenters. Fafnir already knows "Wow."

    I'm linking this, people. Watch out.

  7. Some spiritually-inclined people (who usually stay clear of such matters) say that the NYC incident was the worst act of terrorism and tyranny of a govt. against its own people in history.

    Also, that bin Laden was dead for many years before his supposed demise. Like Hussein's manufactured capture, another photo-op moment.

    What a coincidence that the very SEALS who got OBL, where also then subsequently "erased".

    It's a shame, we all don't just sit down together, have a beer and laugh about all of this, because those in charge are so inept that (as our first and only great Republican president remarked) they can't fool all of the people all of the time.

    Good luck, 2012.

    And welcome back, Faf. We missed you.

  8. As Jung might have said, sometimes a coincidence is only a coincidence.



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