Wednesday, December 29, 2004

  • Arthur C. Clarke is okay. 3001 is an abominable waste of time. The former comes to us via Gary Farber, who, the Medium Lobster is pleased to note, has returned from his exile once again. The latter is on the house.
  • 'Tis is the season for un-rehabilitating the Bushes. TNR's Tom Frank gouges away at Bush I for being a craven, unscrupulous opportunist, while Fontana Labs notes that his wife was a bit of a bitch. The Medium Lobster would like to note that they were, however, spectacularly white and northern, and never, to our knowledge, received illicit oral sex while in office. Those with evidence of George H. W. Bush and/or Barbara Bush receiving illicit oral sex are encouraged to share it with everyone, immediately and as graphically as possible, for the good of democracy.
  • Guest-posting on Brian Leiter's blog, Richard Posner kicks off a conversation (continuing here, here, here, and here) on Rawls, moral skepticism, and public policy which is much, much sexier than it sounds.
  • Digby relates an illuminating tale of the good James Dobson daring to discipline the strong-willed dog. One can only assume the weiner dog grew up to be an exemplary Christian who never pooped in the yard and always witnessed to heathen dogs. This by way of the ever-reliable Majikthise, who places it in the proper Biblical context.
  • Just days after the death of Susan Sontag, whom all right-thinking Americans will remember and denounce for the crime of suggesting that the al Qaeda hijackers were motivated by politics rather than a genetic loathing of the Western pioneer spirit, we are now faced with the loss of Jerry Orbach. He will live on, not only in our hearts, but in endless reruns on USA and Spike.
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