Thursday, October 14, 2004

You have seen Giblets angry. And you have seen Giblets cranky. And you have seen Giblets wrathful. And you have seen Giblets hungry. Like when he's ordered a pizza and it hasn't shown up or somesuch.

But now you will see Giblets furious. For John Kerry has pulled a cheap and tawdry political trick. He has brought up the fact that Dick Cheney has an openly gay daughter.

And when John Kerry did that, he got personal. And he did it for filthy, personal, political reasons. How much more personal can you get than by dragging someone's sexuality into the political arena to score a couple cheap political points? And how much more political can you get to use minority status to divide a country? And how much cheaper can you get than to write off a minority of Americans, to hack away at their Fourteenth Amendment rights, just to appeal to your political base? And how much more extreme can you get than to enshrine that political base's prejudices in the United States Constitution?

"Wait a second are we still talkin bout John Kerry?" says Fafnir.

Yes of course we're still talkin bout John Kerry! The horrible John Kerry who get personal in last night's debate. Who got personal about the issue of denying rights to Americans based on their sexuality.

What John Kerry did to Dick Cheney's daughter last night was cheap and tawdry. Almost as cheap and as tawdry as when her parents used her to elect the man who wants to make her a second-class citizen.

But Giblets likes 'em anyway 'cause they say they're better at killin' Arabs.
posted by Giblets at 2:31 PM



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