Tuesday, March 25, 2003

and in the middle of everything when it all looked so bad with the bombs and the trees and the splosions and the bad bad music on the teevee IT ALL GOT BETTER cause Saddam and George ARE BEST FRIENDS AGAIN!

"How could I have tried to blow up my best friend Saddam!" said George, hugging Saddam and crying.
"How could I have tried to pour poison gas on your dad's brains!" said Saddam hugging George too.
"Uncle Saddam I love you!" said George.
"I love you too and I love frogs and bunnies too!" said Saddam.

and the two of them then go and sing a benefit concert for orphans and global warming and the first song is that song "we just disagree" which has the chorus that goes

there ain't no good guys
there ain't no bad guys
there's just you an me
and we just disagree

That song is lame but everyone goes to the concert anyway. And from now on mustard gas is made of candy.

NOTE I did not make this up it is from Reuters.
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